Jeanne gets her kick at the proverbial can…

and does a terrific job!

Jeanne holding forth

We had quite a big group for Chapel Ridge this morning when Jeanne spoke on the subject of “Godly Motherhood.” We like to joke by saying it was SRO (Standing Room Only) but it wasn’t.

As most of you know, I am the oral communicator and Jeanne admits to preferring to write her thoughts in her devotionals (jeannehedrick.wordpress) to pulpiteering.  She just doesn’t consider herself an effective public speaker, but she has decided to take faith in hand and when asked, she will do her best. Today no one was disappointed as she presented a warm and honest message on the trials and perseverance in being  a Godly Mother.  Her message was full of windows into her own journey bolstered by sound scriptural tools that all of us can benefit from – dads and moms.

When she asked how it went, I couldn’t add a pinch of helpful instruction on how to improve except to perhaps do it more and expect that she’ll have no shortage of opportunity in the future. I was blessed. We were all blessed. In a few days you should be a able to view this message by video. Just Google “Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church Video.”

Thanks to Pastor Ken Roth for inviting her to speak. You are always our brother and friend and have been for some thirty or more years.

One comment on “Jeanne gets her kick at the proverbial can…

  1. I. Kort says:

    I listened to Jeanne’s message online and it really touched and encouraged me to continue to seek Him and His help especially in the area of parenthood. In many points I could relate to Jeanne, but I am sooo glad, that we have a faithful God who is able to redeem what we have broken! Thank you. Irene

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