Gustavo and Elvira / the best Italian food in the city


Questa cena d’sera era incredible!


Lucky us! Gustavo from Calabria (my Italian barber – Planet Hair, Kanata) and Elvira from Sicily invited us over for supper on Saturday night and there we met their friends Cordon Bleu trained baker Charles and his wife Sharon. Gustavo is also a painter of Italian urban and village scenes.

After some “getting to know you” appetizers of pate and caviar, we sat down to five courses (count ’em!). First came beautiful plates of Antipasti arrayed with Gustavo’s homemade salamis along with artichokes, olives, mixed salad with cheese, prosciutto, and  melone. Elvira’s homemade bread and Gustavo’s homemade wine complemented everything throughout the meal.

The next round was the prima piatta of linguine in authentic tomato sauce cooked to perfection by Elvira. Then, secondo arriviato con (with) asparagus, leafy salad and chicken Parmigiano, all excellent as well. Next came dolce, three different ones – the first was a light almond torte with pears (made by Charles) and another plain almond cake with raspberry sauce! Elvira had made a marvelous cheesecake with a cherry topping and graham cracker crust as well! Just when we thought we were done, out came a plate of fresh fruit made up of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

Frankly, we would have liked to have stayed longer into the night but with church in the morning we needed to get back across town, organized and to bed.

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