The amazing story of Liam Michael Cordell

Raina telling her story

Many people know that about thirty years ago Jeanne and I began praying for couples who could not (for whatever reason) conceive.  In those years we have seen more than twenty-five couples end up with babies.

One couple that we were involved in wound up with three kids in all and two of them were “rough-housing” boys that nearly drove their mother mad. She continued to love us but didn’t want us touching her ever again. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but partly true. We’ve all made a joke out of the experience.

Truthfully, however, we must say that we have been a part of some incredible stories. Now, we don’t have a 1,000 batting average but it would be fair to say that we are at the .750 mark. I don’t know why some have not managed to conceive. Almost always, I have no idea how things work out as they do. It doesn’t make sense, and I always feel sorry for these folks when prayers don’t seem to be answered. We have come to rest in God on this one and just act in obedience when asked.

The news got out and so Janet and Mike Brown, who attend Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church, told their daughter Raina and son-in-law David in Wilmington, North Carolina that we did this sort of thing. So one day my Inbox had a message from Raina. I called her and she told us her story (I wish you could hear her story). She asked if they could drive down to Charlotte and have us pray for them. In human terms – if we listened to doctors – her case would seem impossible, and it was. Yet, one Thursday a couple of years ago we met at The Billy Graham Center for lunch (where Jeanne was working at the time) and prayed for them. They went on their way and we didn’t hear from them until they wrote to tell us they were expecting. Along with many others, we prayed throughout the pregnancy that she would be able to carry the baby and that he would be healthy. The neat part of the story is this: We were here in Ottawa at the exact time when Raina and David were dedicating this miracle baby, Liam, to the Lord and we got to be a part of that. God’s timing is amazing!

By the way, when we were here in Ottawa nine months ago, we also prayed for another couple and she and Raina had their babies in the same week. Pretty neat, eh?

We love being a part of what God is doing … all the glory is His!

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