More food at the Parker’s

About twenty-five years ago we met the Parker family. Nick a veterinarian surgeon and Janet his wife lived some (63 kms) forty or more miles from our church but they would load up in the car and come all the all way from Rockland, Ontario to our church in Stittsville. After awhile they bought land near us in the country and built a house where they raised their four kids. All of them are grown now and away from home.

They now have moved again and we wound up staying in a house only a mile from where they now live. On our first day we went to the grocery store and while rounding the aisle there was Janet. After a quick visit in front of the potato chips we decided to get together for dinner. On Wednesday evening we got around to their place and had a terrific meal with them, their daughter, Megan and guests, close friends of a lifetime, Larry and Leslie Brune. As usual Janet in the kitchen and Nick on the grill produced a scrumptious supper.

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