On the way to the Concert

On Friday, May 25th we started off early for the North Street Band Fund Raising Concert in Carleton Place later that evening. Leaving our side of town at 2:30 we wanted to allow for two stops along the way.

Brody, Kelsey and Addison…

Jeanne, Addison and Kelsey

Almost ten months ago we stopped in to see Brody and Kelsey at the invitation of Kelsey’s mother, Lynn McDiarmid. When I pastored Chapel Ridge, Kelsey was just a little kid running around the church.

Brody and Kelsey were longing to have a baby and it is our joy to pray for couples to conceive. In so doing, we have seen more than twenty-five babies show up out of thirty we have prayed for. We can’t figure it all out but we just do it from obedience and frankly experience and apparent success plays a big part in our confidence for this ministry. Shortly after our first visit we learned that they were pregnant, Yeah!!! So, we stopped in to see the latest a cute little girl by the name of Addison who came almost exactly nine months from our last visit.

On to Carleton Place for more baby praying…

It turns out that when people get wind of this they send word to have us come over and this is what we did. We didn’t know them at all but had made contact by email during the week. They were a lovely young Christian couple and so after getting acquainted we prayed for them as well. We make no promises but do believe that God has answered prayer in the past and will do so over and over again.

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