Guest Post – “Is Canada More Rich Than America?”

All the sans logis longingly ask about Canada. “Are their jobs there?” and “Is it more rich than America?” top the list of frequently asked questions.

Of the people I’ve talked to here, they seem very interested in working but after trying for a long awhile, they simply give up. “Even for someone bilingual like me, there are 5 people in line for restaurant jobs here in Paris” said an Algerian man I met this morning. True or not, he simply didn’t have any leads on how to get a job.

Me: “What about something you can do over the Internet. That way you can work for anyone in the world, just limited to someone in Paris”
His eyes lit up.. “what do you mean?”
Well my life is learning French from someone over Skype. She’s a teacher but makes $20 for an hour long class. That’s just an example. Wow… I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a great idea!

A Bangladeshi guy later in the morning jokingly thinks all French people are “mental” despite him being very grateful for having been granted French citizenship. Everyday he stays with a friend, comes here for breakfast, looks for work then plays cricket for the rest of the day. He seems frustrated with this routine. He too got excited about working on the Internet.

Does anyone have ideas of things these guys could do on the Internet for people? Some stuff I thought of:
– odesk/elance

2 comments on “Guest Post – “Is Canada More Rich Than America?”

  1. Diane McCooeye says:

    Hee hee cant help you in this one…. ^_^ …. but dont forget to post some pictures of Savannah ….as she grows…we need to keep up …i will be praying for answers for the internet…and jobs for the hungry..
    Blessings to You & Ashley….

  2. Ken says:

    Hi Jevin….the only things I can think of for work over the internet is office temp work (probably have to hook with some organization with credibility) or graphic art work, web design (things I am sure you have thought of). What do these people do to support themselves if they can’t get work?

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