Italian without words.

This is a fun one and more truth to it that you might imagine. I spend the largest portion of my Italian time in the north of Italy (somewhere between Siena and Rome an  imaginary line that separates the north from the south. The south thinks that the northerners are all Austrian and German and not really Italian at all since northern Italians take the lunch to work in a bag. In their view no respectable Italian eats at his or her desk.

The northerners think they are the Italians because the Renaissance took place in Florence and had a lasting effect on the inhabitants of cities like Bologna, Verona and Milano. Northerners thought of southerners as people the hard working and tax paying north had to take care of while they sipped coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon. Southerners were only Greeks or north Africans in disguise.  Regional loyalty continues even today.

What you see in this video you will see more frequently in the south. The hand gestures are very much a part of the unspoken communications that goes on from Rome to Palermo and Palermo to Pescara. Thanks to Carol Garborg for passing this clever piece on to me so that I could post it for my friends.

One comment on “Italian without words.

  1. giulio says:

    Definetely from Naples. Very well done.

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