Guest Post – Saying Hello to Prostitutes

The sans logis is in the middle one of the two china towns in Paris.  On my way there at around 9am in the morning, the Cantonese prostitutes are already out working the streets.  For awhile I had no idea how to interact with them as I walk by:

  • do I avoid eye contact so they know I’m not interested?
  • do I say hello as I walk by quickly?
  • should I take the route that avoids them altogether?

I asked our field leader this week.  “How would Jesus interact with them?”.  Wow.. so simple and I’ve heard it so many times.  So, for the first time on Friday I smiled and said hello to a protitute.  She was kind of surprised, smiled and said “bonjour” in return!

Two prostitutes visible. They start at around 9am

By walking by them so frequently you learn to recognize them.  I noticed a bunch of them having breakfast at an Asian restaurant called “Best Tofu”.  I figured the locals must know the good deals.  Do they ever:

2.50 euros baby

Yep.. I’ll be back alright.

3 comments on “Guest Post – Saying Hello to Prostitutes

  1. I love the response to the questions we ask ourselves, great insight. Straight up Biblical.

    • tonyhedrick says:

      You threw me for a loop at first. My son in law is also John Haley. Take a look at my paintings… What kind of work do you do?

      • What a loop that must be. I have a gallery in uptown charlotte, i’ve been trading work from a Shepard Fairey, he has done multiple campaign posters, and has street art by the balls. Street art is a tricky market. Banksy is one of the more polarizing, but capable artists today. If you want to come down and check it out, bring some of your watercolors! I loved the Parma Scene, been there myself!

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