The Frankish-Armstrong Family Cottage, Georgian Bay

What a hard life

Thankful for Mapquest and GPS, we made the long nine-hour drive and into the tricky country cottage area surrounding Canada’s beautiful Georgian Bay. One could take a hundred roads that lead out to thousands of peninsulas’ and bays but we landed right the first time.

The Frankishes we have known for at least twenty-seven years. I have dedicated both of their children, Ian and Allison who are now (respectively) in medical school and university. They have invited us to come each year for almost ten years but most of the time it meant a special trip, This time we arranged the trip so it intentionally went up that way without going much out-of-the-way. We arrived in time for supper.

Over the next few days we joined Chuck, Bev and Bev’s sister Laurie sit in easy chairs looking at the beautiful water in the shade of tall Georgian Pines. There couldn’t have been more pleasant weather for holidaying and for the next few days, we did almost nothing but relax with a few ventures here and there. Jeanne and I love vacations where the hostess does everything and demands nothing! We had a pleasant time accomplishing nothing and going to pretty much nothing.

Jeanne pressed me to Kyack with her and after a short time of it, using the rotator cuff complaint, I was able to whine my way back to dry land. She put on her best “northern cottage” attitude and got back in with Chuck and soon disappeared. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping she won’t take a “hankerun” to it.

Bev, Chuck and Laurie

But just think of it. How do you have friends like this where all pretence can be put aside, where they are as close as family (or perhaps closer)?

Sundown on Georgian Bay

After several days of this, we drove off toward Ottawa. On the way, a kindly OPP officer stopped me for speeding in Algonquin Park. Jeanne agreed with me that I wasn’t going in excessive speed so I must not have been since, Jeanne never lies!

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