Memory Snippits

The Free Methodist Church in Smith’s Falls…

An old friend from Smith’s Falls bought one of my paintings for his wife Susan’s birthday so this gave me reason to stop in at the church where I started my formal ministry, The Smith’s Falls Free Methodist Church. Jeff had asked me to leave the painting off with his niece where he would pick it up when the date drew closer.

Of course, there are BIG changes in the last thirty-five years when the church was located on McGill Street in the town. The new church seats about 350 on Sunday morning and under Pastor Angel Valentin’s capable leadership most spots get filled. Just the month before I preached there to a receptive crowd and like to back when invited.

Dinner at Lori and Phil’s…

Phil and Lilly

On our last trip I took a photo of Lori’s daughter Lilly. From this photograph I drew her picture. You’ll find it posted on my art website, . This small act of kindness won a nice supper cooked by Lori’s professional chef and husband. The meal was stupendous and so I am going to draw their son to see if we can engender another invite.

Little Melanie grew up…

Katie and Joe

It’s quite interesting to have lived long enough to see the children of your oldest friends grow up and begin families of their own. On one of the warm evenings we drove some thirty miles to eat off from John and Melanie’s grill. They have just moved to another house so in some sense it turned out to be a house-warming as well.

Melanie’s mom and dad drove down for the same dinner and brought with them the children of another sibling, Jed. Now we had a house full of kids.

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