LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA… Hitting the ground running

Chris Scobie, Pastor of Binkostna Centre (Church), in the capital city of Ljubljana didn’t wait long to break the news. Chris is not known for letting moss

Pastor and missionary Chris Scobie

grow under his feet, so on the way by car from Venice he filled me in on how things would look between now and Monday morning, when I leave for Trieste and Italy. This agenda sounds better (even exciting) than it did when I had been twenty-seven hours without sleep. Having caught up on the missing day of sleep and the six hour time change, I am now feeling refreshed and rested.

I will be speaking a number of times over the next few days and doing two nights out with the young people in evangelism. One of the meetings will be tomorrow night up on the Hungarian border in a city called Murska Subota. I have preached there once before about four years ago.

This morning I parked myself across the street and reviewed a number of talks that I think are important for this part of the world.

By the way, Italy is as dry as mid-America and the fields of maise (corn) lost. Many of the trees have already gone brown from drought. Here in the mountains of Slovenia I am enjoying a pleasant warm and sunny day with little humidity.

2 comments on “LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA… Hitting the ground running

  1. So glad it’s going well so far!

  2. tonyhedrick says:

    Thanks a lot, MoJohnHaley

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