A beautiful drive to the mountains…


The day began with an encouraging visit with a NEW believer (since February), a young businessman by the name of Dejan T. This is what seems to be new in Slovenia. Young, successful people are being drawn to Christ. Such people will make a difference in the future of the church in Ljubljana which has traditionally appealed to the rural and the poor.

Dejan writes,

“Tony, thank you… you had great 2 preachings… special I like Saturday word…was very inspiring for me… I wish you much energy and love on your evangelization road…”

All best, God bless you.

Gostilna Cooking

Later, Chris, completely out of his comfort zone, wanted to take me to the smaller villages where I could take some photographs for paintings. We drove out to the area around Vace and then stopped along the way for lunch. To be honest, Slovenia is very photogenic as long as one can find a “panorama.” There are lots of hills and forests so this makes shooting sometimes difficult. Some of the most beautiful images are surrounded by foliage. Yet, I think I got a few good ones.

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