Two Hours with a young Frenchman…

It is to be expected that a Jehovah’s Witness or a Mormon would not waste time on anyone they could not collect for themselves. In other words, I doubt if a Mormon, serving in Ljubljana or the vacationing Jehovah’s Witness would care a lick to convert a person from Paris, France. After all, the motivation is not to win converts to Christ but to build the local Kingdom Hall or Ward. This serves to our advantage as we need to be IN MINISTRY everywhere we go all of the time.

Ernest M.

In the morning I spent my time studying and writing with the idea of rewarding myself in the afternoon with a walk in the coffee and café district that runs alongside the river in the heart of the city. I have been to the city center about fifty times and though always changing – and change it has – there  is little new that I need to get acquainted with. Nevertheless, I recommend Ljubljana as a beautiful and charming, old Europe destination. It is all rather inexpensive compared to Italy, Austria, the UK and Norway. Yesterday, someone suggested to me that “Slovenia has everything in small portions.” This is true. The Adriatic sea-coast is about two hours away, as are the Alps in the other direction. There are beautiful lakes and streams, productive farms and quaint villages. Life is simple and quiet with an elegant flair. If in the summer time, once you are here, I suggest you make your way down the Croatian coast and visit the sparkling beaches along the way to Split and Dubrovnik.

All this being said, this blog posting is not meant to be a travel log. Yesterday, the heat drove me under a cluster of large Eucalyptus trees and umbrellas where I ordered a bottle of water and began to sketch. When I draw portraits I draw curiosity. The person I am drawing wants to know whether I am any good at this and those in the crowd around wonder why I didn’t choose to draw them. I had a number of people peeking over my shoulder and being complimentary, so this activity intrigued the subject even more. Finally, when I felt finished enough, I invited the young man across the way to come see. He was flattered and then wanted to know more about who I was and why I was here, so I gave him the entire story. After some small talk I observed that he was reading Descartes. What kind of young man is it that comes with two friends on holiday, they go to the beach for a swim while he spends the afternoon drinking coffee and reading philosophy. I’m sure there must be a better way of picking up girls.

The Lord has been very gracious to me in making me a keen observer. Truth be told, I think most people have the same opportunity that I do but perhaps don’t pick-up on the divine moment. Here it was. I would say that we really clicked and during that time of almost two hours I was able to challenge much of his skepticism. My friend Ernest M. has my contact information. Sometimes I will hear back and sometimes I won’t. This isn’t my problem. I am simply called to take advantage of every opportunity and so I did.

Italian juggler

Later in the evening at almost time for bed I walked past an open window of the church library. The lights were on and someone called out to me… “There is my friend.” Hanging

American vagabonds doing “Just Seventeen”

out of the window was Bojan G., a young Serb that came to know the Lord just last year. I quickly came inside, sat down to hear how he was doing. It always amazes me. Here is a fellow that went against everything, Serbian and Orthodox culture, parents, brothers and friends but is now fully engaged in the gospel. Bojun is a fully committed follower of Jesus today and leads much of the present evangelistic effort. What a great way to finish the first day.

You can read the Bojan story in earlier blogs.

4 comments on “Two Hours with a young Frenchman…

  1. Andreas L S says:

    Fantastic reading, thank you so much for sharing! And I totally agree with you 100% that we’re supposed to be IN MINISTRY where ever we go, all the time. This is so important! I really look forward seing you again, and hope you’ll have a blessed time until then.
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”” Joshua 1:9

  2. jevy (@jevy) says:

    Awesome Tony. I am somewhat envious of your style but really, I think we all have something to give to build bridges between people and share Jesus with them.

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