North to Murska Subota

Regrettably, I decided on a diet the very year Pastor Chris Scobie wants me to end my complaint that he doesn’t know about or care for food. Honestly, his God is not his stomach and I am trying to repent of this sin myself. On this visit he hasn’t helped a bit, as he intentionally tries to set before me luscious treats like the baked goods and other delicacies we found in the store along the highway to Murska Subota. I’ll share a few photos of what I mean.

There were several things we set out to accomplish. First, Sergeja and Sabina had preparatory meetings for the children’s camp being held in that region during the coming week.

While they were busy doing that, we went over to the coffee shop where we were later met by Borut B. Borut is well-read and a bit of a philosopher as well as an artist. There is no question, this man is a character! I enjoyed his inquiring mind. So many who consider themselves thinkers here in this part of the world are smug, annoying, cynical and filled with buffoonery (not much substance). Borut is cheery by Slovenian standards. I liked his company and we had a lot to talk about.

Later we picked up Jernej  K., a lawyer and young leader of the church in Murska Subota. This is one of the largest congregations in Slovenia, with about one hundred-fifty attendees. All of Slovenia has only about a thousand Christians in this country of two million. It takes a lot of courage to go counter culturally.

After we dropped Sergeja and Sabina at Sabina’s mother’s place in the country we went on to another of Chris’ culinary surprises, a dish called Bograč – made like a stew but with wild game. It was delicious!

Tired, I asked to be taken back to Sabina’s mom’s place for a brief nap before preaching. After a sleep I took a walk down over the hill where I took some images for potential watercolors (feature photo above).

Evangelical Church, Murska Subota

Later, we met with a congregation of some sixty people who came out for the Wednesday evening meeting. I had spoken to this group before so they seemed to anticipate my visit and I experienced good receptivity. After the two-hour drive back to Lubljana, I crashed.

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