This post might bore you…

A little, “Same ole’, Same ole'”…

I almost always preach somewhere on Sundays and Ljubljana is no exception. Of course, if you have followed my blogs, photographs of me standing in a pulpit aren’t very exciting.

A friend of mine makes a funny joke regarding itinerant ministry. It is more difficult to be a pastor and have to, every Sunday come up with a fresh message that people will come back for again and again. When he switched from being a pastor to being a traveling preacher he said that he suddenly realized he only needed three good sermons and a fast car.

While meant to be humorous this is partly true. Before I go on a trip the Lord seems to “download” a certain message and when I have preached it out, I hardly go back to it ever again. Lately, he has given me a message that I call, “The Exceptionality of Man.” Frankly, it can be a little complicated for a foreign audience and a lot has to do with translation. On this occasion Sabina stayed up with me as did the audience. When we got to the end I offered a tract in conclusion. I held up three of them asking if anyone would like to know more about what it means to be a Christian. Surprisingly, I gave all of them away in about two minutes and had to go get about six more. I never know what to make of this kind of response. In reality, here in this part of the world the seed often “falls on hard soil” and immediately the birds come and it up and devour it.

However, this being said, I am always surprised at what I see each time as I return. There are always gains being made. For instance, Bojan is radically committed to the Lord while he wasn’t a believer last year. He became a Christian with one brief conversation on my part but his girlfriend and others had shared with him for months prior to his conversion.

The church continues to grow both deep and out. They are now setting their sights on building a 1.5 million euro building on their present location. This is a very ambition dream for a congregation of less than one hundred people. The average family income of this church would not likely be more than 12,000 euro a year.

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