A visit to Sangermani

Sangermani of Lavagna

A Sangermanni craft

Emile works for one of the oldest sail and yacht crafting companies in Italy, Sangermani. The boat works have been held in the same family for one-hundred years. I know almost nothing about boats except to turn them over so this day proved to be an education for me. We arrived, walked through the huge facility, looking at the memorabilia on the walls as we passed through to the marina.

Once outside, Emile took me through the largest marina in Italy. As we went along he saw friends prepping up a boat for a sail. The captain has worked for fourteen years on the same boat which is owned by a Frenchman. He and his wife oversee two others who assist in keeping the craft “shipshape.”

Invited on board, I was amazed at how carefully designed and functional these boats turn out to be. I have friends who are interested in micro-homes. In my view, they could learn a lot from boat builders. For a small space the boat was packed with accommodation. The galley was a masterpiece of space utilization.

I snapped away with my camera trying to record as much of this as I was able in the short time on board. Following this, we continued to walk around looking at private sea craft in excess of fifty million dollars. Often these remain docked and unused for a good portion of each year.

At the end of the tour I was taken inside to the main office where I met Caesar Sangermani, the President. Emile had advised me that Caesar was a a most fascinating character as he turned out to be. I took his photo with the idea of painting him at some later time.

Caesar’s Personal Craft…built for speed

Later in the evening we (Emile, Imra, Silvano and two of the children) took in a Brazilian barbecue along the sea in Chiavari.

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