Our first day on the “round abouts”

Though it was Saturday, my anxiety caused us to rise early and get on the road.

I let her rest up for a day before subjecting her to mind boggling signage we were about to encounter. Now it’s all quite different in America. Everything is so far apart that “Mapquest” makes some sense. I turned down the offer of a GPS at 140 pounds for the twelve days! So, in lieu of “Virtual Margaret”  (the British female GPS must be Margaret… the American female voice is more likely a Roxy) telling me every move to make, I foolishly choose to print off the “Mapquest” directions.

The pictures will get better

Jeanne had done a great job deciding how to go to get to where we were going. But you know how it goes… “the best laid plans of mice and men often go array.” In ten minutes I was fed up with “Mapquest.” I ask, “how can anyone follow something that has five instructions within a mile?” Worse yet, how does a person turn right on to Victoria Road when there is no sign for Victoria Road or most other roads, for that matter? Right away, we knew we needed to be praying. The other maps we had with us, the one in the back of the twenty-four dollar book, “Touring England” and the other given to me by the people at Avis were sufficiently vague enough to be useless. Within an hour we had gone past Petworth, one of our planned stops and were rushing headlong at breakneck speed toward Portsmouth. Portsmouth is not on Jeanne’s first day agenda.

It was still early when we pulled off of the road at Arundel and took in our first -howbeit unplanned – English village. It was charming with a beautiful cathedral and castle, neither of which we went into. We walked up the hills and along the streets taking in the newness of it all. At the main cross streets we found a tea room where, in honor of our son-in-law, Jeremy, Jeanne ordered her first steak Cornish pastie. After an hour or so we were on the road again with my fair share of being honked at.

In the end, it is our hope to make to a town called Totnes where we will meet up with a former Bethany College of Missions student, now married, Susan L. Part of my work is what we call “Opportunity Development” so this allows me to mix some pleasure with my work. I never know where we will connect in the expansion of ACCI’s ministry.

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