“Lord willing…” Ministry and Health PRAYER UPDATE


This coming Friday I will go see my surgeon, Dr. Ganem who, after meeting with me, will conspire with his Oncologist friend, Dr. Haake about what to do to me next. Last March 19th., I underwent bladder surgery and came out of that one pleased that there was no cut, blood or pain. I would doubt if he really did anything at all except for the fact that his promise held good, “I can stand next to a twenty year Marine who just downed three beers and put him to shame.” So after almost four months of recuperation they are ready to insert fifty to eighty little radiation seeds into my prostate. Once this is done I am told that for four months I should not allow pregnant women, animals  or small children to sit on my lap. This I am happy to do and will not turn out to be too much of a loss since I can’t remember ever having pregnant women sit on my lap. This is pretty much holds true of small animals and babies as well.

Here’s how you can pray.

1.   Pray that they will be able to perform this procedure. This is the most non-invasive method for someone of my age. Here’s the problem. Unlike most older men, my prostate is smaller and in order to do this trick, there is a certain size requirement. Pray that I’ll measure up.

2.   Next, it takes a while to fry the prostate, killing the cancer in the process. There is no immediate indication regarding the “lifestyle issues” that might follow. As you can imagine there could be a number of inconveniences for one who travels as much as I do. Pray that I’ll be “good to go” in mid-September.



My current plan is to head to Germany on September 15. From there I will go to Slovenia, Italy and finally Norway returning home on or around October 25th.


While in Germany I will meet up with ACCI / NLL missionaries Daniel and Irene Kort who served for five years at the NLL (New Life Literature) publishing house in Sri Lanka.We will discuss our travel arrangements for a possible visit to Sri Lanka, Thailand and China.


My friend Scott McClelland of FX Missions suggested that we team up for a visit to Mexico and while going that far we would go on to visit friends and ministry partners in Guatemala, Belise, Honduras and Nicaragua

After initiating ACCI and seeing it grow into an international mission – after thirty-seven trips to Europe, I feel it is time for my ministry to shift into the role of Ambassador. This would mean more and varied travel with shorter stays, connecting and building relationships for ACCI in new regions of the world.

Can you help?


Should funds be available for travel, I would like to do what I can to continue to enlist new workers for ACCI and other missionary agencies. I am aware that denominations have good mechanisms for recruiting, funding and placing missionaries all over the world. Nevertheless, I have learned that many in denominational congregations are never exposed to the possibility of service abroad, Then there are the huge numbers of  independent churches that need organizations like SIM, OMF, OM YWAM and ACCI as a means of providing mission ministry options. After fifteen years, I believe ACCI does this as well as any other organization and though we are not a good fit for everyone we do make it possible for scores of people to enter the field.

If you (home meetings are incredibly effective) or your church would like for me to visit and talk about the vast opportunities available, just get in touch. If I can do it  I’ll be there.

So then, I am neither dead or retired. Your continued financial encouragement is a great help and by having enough funding, I don’t have to worry about raising funds. This leaves me free to always say, “Yes!, I’ll be there!”