Radiation Seed Therapy… August 26

England Spring bw cropped2010 064The latest in my ongoing prostate cancer treatment goes like this. Finally, after more than ten months following the diagnosis I will have the radiation seed surgery.

Hopefully they will be able to move forward with the procedure having warned me that once they begin they may discover that I am not a suitable candidate (my prostate is a small fella), wake me up and do extraction surgery at another time. If the radiation seed business works it will apparently be the best solution with the most manageable outcome. I would prefer to get this done now rather than deal with the cancer taking hold somewhere else.

I still have plans to be teaching in Norway from October 4th though they don’t suggest any strenuous activities like carrying suitcases and walking for miles until four months following the surgery. I have never been a very good patient. I would like for everything to work well so your prayers are invited. I will hopefully go on from Norway to Germany, then Slovenia and finally Italy and quite a few “gigs” along the way.  I will not (unless something goes wrong) be back in the United States until the twelfth of November.


4 comments on “Radiation Seed Therapy… August 26

  1. Ken Roth says:

    Well praise God for the seed radiation therapy. We will be praying that it will be effective and not slow you down too much. God bless you my brother.
    Ken Roth

  2. Cotton Rolls says:

    Happy Birthday Bro! From Anchorage. I am going to Juneau next. Hearing great

  3. Prayers are send up to the Creator in your behalf, since you have never been a very good patient, well is time to behave! Our prayers for you are not only for healing also to keep you safe anywhere that he will send you to do his work.
    Grupo Hispano

  4. Michio Ikura says:

    Hi, Tony,
    You are on our daily prayer list since last summer. Since my retirement, I am able to spend more time with Lydia, praying for you and Doug A.. Hang in there. Our LORD is our great Physician; that I know for sure.


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