October 4, Haven’t written a ministry blog in a while!

Here we go –  from Norway.


I arrived at my hotel, The Best Western, Bondeheimen (the only price that makes any sense at $117 for a single), last Thursday at three in the afternoon. This was after the all “nighter” to Heathrow and an SAS to Gardemoen Airport (Oslo), then finally an Express train to the National Theatre. From there it is but a five minute walk down Karl Johanes (the main thoroughfare) and up a street, the name of which I am unable to recall or spell if I could. I did my best to sleep but anyone who travels internationally will know what a challenge that is so after several attempts I made my way to the recommended “Kos Kos”  under “The Mona Lisa” restaurant just a few blocks away. If you like north African influenced to cuisine this would be worth the price (my one big splurge in Oslo and enough for the week). People rarely take taxi’s or eat out as the prices, even for Norwegians is prohibitive. In my case a rather normal for what you see of forty-five American dollars. I justify the expense by asking myself the WWJD question. He wouldn’t pass this up if He knew he was going to live in a student dormitory room for the next ten days in the country side where any store is five miles away.  This college is not a monastery but it could be. If the objective was to isolate people from the world this would do it. Still, I won’t whine too much since it has everything I need. Among other items, Bobby from Romania can cook up some wicked pasta… pizza, lasagna and last night I had roasted, herbed chicken on a bed of seasoned rice. I’m not suffering here in Svinevoll, Norway (Pigville, seriously).

One comment on “October 4, Haven’t written a ministry blog in a while!

  1. Pauline says:

    Tony how wonderful that you have made it to Norway. You have been a lot in my thoughts and prayers this year. I continue to pray for your health………

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