October 4: On my way to the bus

IMG_0224I usually catch the bus toward Tonsberg and get off on the side of the road some fifteen miles before. Someone comes down to the Shell station and picks me up. As I walked from the hotel to the bus station I took a few pictures of city life.


Costume Party for no good reason crop

Norwegian culture is most interesting to me in this respect, while they will hardly make eye contact with a stranger they will dress up as this group did and draw attention to themselves. I asked what this was all about since the streets were filled with college aged people dressed in ridiculous costumes. I learned it was just a social media induced costume party.

Street Person Color cropIMG_0215   Karl Johanes Crop

Though wealthy, like any American city, Oslo has it’s fair share of broken people, alcoholics, addicts, displaced and street people.

I finally wound my way through the streets and intermittent rain to the bus.

2 comments on “October 4: On my way to the bus

  1. Keep up blogging Tony, we are traveling with you reading and seeing what has catch you attention… feeling am in Norwegian too 😀

  2. Tony Hedrick says:

    Thanks, Ana

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