October 6-7: Preaching and Evangelism class

IMG_0228Arriving at SBI (Smyrna Bible Institute) on Saturday afternoon I prepared to preach at “Oasen” on Sunday morning and begin my weekend long evangelism school entitled, “Communicating Christian Thought in a Post-Christian / Post-Modern World.”  


class crop

I have a good group of about twenty young students. Mixed among the Norwegians are two Filipino girls, an Argentinian, Spaniard, Kenyan, Nigerian, Andreas croppedSumatran, Pakistani and Romanian.  The first morning went extremely well with lots of favor regarding the material and especially the biblical portions. Some of these people are serious minded and hungry young people who have only been Christians for a matter of a year or so. The mix of new faith and the international environment makes for a lively learning environment.  I will be here until next Monday when I leave for Kristiansand in the south then fly to Volda in the Midwest.

I have included a photo of my friend Andreas who is my friend,  teaching assistant and former student. He is much sharper than he looks in this picture.

2 comments on “October 6-7: Preaching and Evangelism class

  1. Tracey says:

    Love reading your entries Pastor Tony and keeping track of you however, i do find it difficult to keep up!!! would be fun to come follow you around a bit…. hmmmm

  2. Ann Hinrichs says:

    Walking with you dear brother…you are a gifted man and a valuable warrior. God bless you, it’s so fun to read your updates. God is at work…

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