Finishing up with David Flanders in Drammen, Norway

David Flanders CropI was told by my colleague, Gunnar Andaas that I needed to make acquaintance with David Flanders and Englishman that frequently visits Norway. He said that we had the same heart so when he came this close (thirty minutes away) we rounded up two vans of students and drove over to hear him. He is pastor of a church in the Plymouth area.

Gunnar was right, I completely identified with this guy’s honesty, passion and communication style. Young people everywhere seem to get his drift. I think this is what Gunnar meant. He seems to click with the next generation and this is my heart as well… reaching the “Harvest” generation. I did manage to exchange greetings and hope that we might carry on some contact into the future.


With a sermon tonight (Sunday), I am pretty much finished here after a week of Contemporary Evangelism Methods classes and a Leadership Seminar, yesterday. In all I logged more than twenty-five hours in speaking. Though I am without my stuff and in a simple little room, my time here has been invigorating and to be honest, I feel very much alive at the moment. This is my meat and drink.

4 comments on “Finishing up with David Flanders in Drammen, Norway

  1. Matt says:

    Glad it has gone so well! Love you dad!

  2. Fxmissions says:

    Great to hear Tony. Blessings to you!

  3. Simon Brace says:

    Wish that I could be with you Uncle Tony. The conference at went really well. Good to hear about all of the work. Do take care.

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