A New Age Neverland Train Ride

October 15

Did you know that Norway has both a Kristiansand and a Kristiansund? They happen to be about a thousand kilometers apart. Once I discovered this slightly important detail  I was freaked-out until I found a good internet connection where I could check my flight arrangements. It so happened that I made the right choice and once more, Murphy’s Law did not prevail!

After a rather lousy weather day in Larvik I boarded the train to Drammen and then the long ride to Kristiansand at the very south (bottom) of Norway where I have some former students living. On the train ride my seat mate was an Englishman also on his way to Kristiansand.  We got into  a warm-hearted conversation about what we were doing in Norway. It turned out that he was the exact opposite of myself but yet doing the almost exact same thing. He told me that he was a motivational speaker and I said, “So, am I.” I asked him to explain what he motivated people to be or do? He was quick to show me his materials on positive spirituality and how thinking the right thoughts would change the outcome of one’s life by generating energy in the brain. He had all of the symbols of world religion on a power point inside a star of David. Frankly, (I didn’t tell him this) but not a thing he said made an ounce of sense but he continued to roll it out. People actually pay to endure this nonsense. Corporations bring him in to spread this malarkey. His jargon was akin to something from Mars but I went along with him. When he gave me a break, I went at him in a polite way, unloading all of my worldview questions, like, “Where did you get your information?” How do you know it’s reliable?” “What happens if you’re wrong?” I talked to him about Oprahdoxy, I briefly went over  New Age ideas from Deepak Chopra to Marianne Williamson and the error of the way New Age arrives at what is true.

It was a wonderful trip.

We exchanged business cards and promised to be in touch. You know, the problem is this, people are not Christians for one of two reasons, either they haven’t met one, or they have. I think I left him with his head spinning (he admitted that he had pretty much dismissed Christianity but would have to re-consider many of his misconceptions concerning it). He will have a problem getting there since he virtually does not have an ounce of discernment. Here’s what I mean, his favorite Christian book is “The Gospel of Thomas.”  I suggested that he read Vishal Mangalvadi’s, “The Book That Gave You Your World.” He wrote it down.

I was sorry to arrive at Kristiansand central station where we parted with warm handshakes and brief introductions as I met up with my entourage of Aurora, Julia and Linda.

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