Kristiansand, Norway

October 15


IMG_0563I enjoy this kind of venture but honestly, it takes a great deal of time and money to do it. I wanted to go around and see how some of my former SBI students were doing after they graduated and moved on to other settings. It so happened that a number of them had re-settled in the Kristiansand area so it made sense to see as many as I IMG_0568could in one visit so I went. It was my intention to see Aurora Hoiland, Hanne Stiland, Julia Anderson, Linda Anderson and hopefully, if he could make it from Stavanger, Tore Erik. It turns out that Hanne has a new boyfriend, Lars so I was going to check him out and give my thumbs up or thumbs down. Ok, Hanne, det er en spøk! (Okay, Hanne, it’s a joke).

IMG_0562I learned earlier in the day that Hanne was in bed with pneumonia so she and Lars wouldn’t be able to come after all and furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to host me as planned.  She had contacted Aurora so I could stay with her and the Anderson girls. They met me at the station gave me a quick tour of the center town and bussed me out to where they live. I settled in, we visited and then at supper time I took them all out for pizza. Four of us enjoyed and three “small” pizzas for the paltry sum of 700 NOK or $119.00. Okay, everyone out there! You’re going to have to step up your giving!!! Actually, the Norwegians have been very generous with me and this has been a great help.

We walked around a bit, had a cup of coffee each ($23.00) and since the night was cold, headed back to the house.

The next morning was spent mostly alone while Julia slept and the other two were off to school. Later, when Aurora returned and Julia had gone on to school, we had a long visit and then she took me to the bus to the airport and my trip to Alesund and Volda.

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