Time to put the gloves on…


October 17

Literally. It’s turned cold in Volda.

Last evening went well with about twenty or more attending the seminar on evangelism. Of course, the first night is always the hardest. Every teacher will tell you that your effectiveness as a teacher has to do with finding the median, “sweet spot.” Every audience is different. On first nights anywhere I always look out and wonder, “How will I get a buy in?” With this in mind, I go fishing for the audience – attempting to find the collective handle and always wondering, “Will they get me?”

IMG_0617As I looked out last night I saw a mix of older people – people who have been Christians for perhaps a half a century and another group of younger people, some who have only been believers for a short time. Some of my audience feels that they have heard it all before while others hang on every word as though it came down from heaven as new revelation. In about twenty minutes people who only spoke Norwegian seemed to be getting it as Gunnar translated the ideas. It all began to click and I was relieved. It always amazes me that the audience is everything. I usually have the same material but go at it differently every time. I have a score but every session for me is Progressive Jazz and this keeps me quite inspired to deliver the same information time and time again.

IMG_0624This morning I rose, took a shower and made my way to the only before 11 AM cappucino in town. In the brightly lit bakery case was this rather exciting cream cake that looked like a Twinkie on crack so I ordered it. It was absolutely delicious but left me with spasms and an empty pocket. Take a look at the photo and then consider that I paid a rather handsome 129 NOK or nearly $22.00 for this sugar high.


Gunnar came to join me and from there we drove around to see various landmarks including his family home which sets high upon the mountain side overlooking the village and fjord. This is a classic restored Norwegian classic.

One comment on “Time to put the gloves on…

  1. This is definitely a different Europe than ‘La Bella Italia’, isn’t it?!

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