Exciting and busy weekend…

 October 19 

IMG_0761Except for one very foul mouthed woman with a chip on her shoulder, I have met tons of lovely people. Since the only place I can get internet is at the library I do my email and blogging from there. While working away a librarian on temporary contract began talking with me and telling me all about the things to see in the area. When she closed up she said why don’t you come over to my village, they have a IMG_0766very nice coffee shop and there you can meet my husband. So she kidnapped me for about three hours. While we waited in the coffee shop for her husband to arrive, I had about an hour direct witness with her. She is lovely but leans more toward New Age and Hinduism as many people here do. Finally her husband joined us and after we all finished our coffee and cheese cake I was persuaded to go to on a short sight see and then to meet family members, a daughter, mother, grandmother and sister. It was quite a surprising and beneficial afternoon!


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