You’d think I would have this figured out

October 19

IMG_0784Having my meals in restaurants will drive me to the poor house so I decided to figure out some more economical means of feeding myself. Why this idea has escaped me, I have no idea. At any rate, for a third of the price I can buy a full pre-cooked meal in a box. These are much more hearty than the Swanson TV dinners we IMG_0788have at home. On Saturday I had an enormous meal of lamb, potatoes and cabbage. Admittedly, in true Norwegian style I had to jack it up a bit with salt and pepper but all things considered and at one-third the restaurant price (49 NOK or $8.00 US), I had a grand supper. I recommend this approach and will do it in other places in the future as long as I have a microwave or a way of boiling water. It might not look so good but it tasted great!

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