True to form…

IMG_0847IMG_0849  IMG_0857After visiting the largest Gothic cathedral in all of Europe we walked through the crowded streets of Cologne. As we went along I encountered a fellow who had the sign, “Jesus IMG_0860is Alive” and though he didn’t express much joy regarding this truth he was there and I was thankful for him. As we went a little further a young girl handed us some literature that turned out to be from the Jews for Jesus so I had a nice talk with some on her team.


A little farther and then here were the well dressed  Jehovah’s Witnesses with very nice promotional materials. I find it impossible to pass them by without a challenge so I stopped and made them aware that their Bible, “The New World” translation has been proven to be a fraudulent translation. I gave them a number of verifiable reasons why this is so and told them how to check out the details of my position. I quoted many scriptures as examples and this left them in stunned silence. Finally, I showed them  that they offered nothing more than Roman Catholicism, the Mormons or the Muslims and how they could only be serving the Watchtower for one of two reasons, either they were afraid of God or trying to earn something from Him.  Christians do all that they do out of love for God  and no organization on the planet procures salvation on their behalf. This was more fun than the ice cream we enjoyed later in the day so Jesus was right when he said, “I have eat and drink you know not of.”

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