A day at the Kort house… short but sweet

October 22

IMG_0830I arrived late in the evening on Tuesday at the Koln/Bonn Airport and picked-up by Daniel Kort, ACCI missionary who lives in Germany but works with the New Life Literature in Sri Lanka. New Life prints ‘LOW COST” Bibles and Christian literature for “World C” and in particular for the underground church of China. Dan and Irene were IMG_0816students of mine at Bethany College of Missions and perhaps the first people I recruited to work with ACCI. They joined up and went to Sri Lanka for five years where they worked with our Norwegian ministry friends, New Life Literature. They now are back in Germany looking after aging parents and raising their two adorable kids, Jocelin (Jocy) and Josias.

IMG_0829They have settled into the top floor apartment of a beautiful home near the city of Siegburg about twenty minutes from the Koln/Bonn airport.  After chatting for a short while I went off to bed with the idea of taking a day trip to the famous and Germany’s most visited city of Cologne (Koln) the next morning.


IMG_0828Irene is a great hostess and loves breakfast so I woke up to a table filled with the typical German breakfast of variety of meats, cheeses, breads, jelly, sliced vegetables and coffee. At about ten we left by train for the center of the city. We did the usual, walked around and into the cathedral then walked the streets (you can learn more about this in the earlier blog). It didn’t take long until Dan found a IMG_0869German brewery known for their amazing traditional foods. This was an absolutely incredible ale house / restaurant with more than two thousand seats and three hundred employees to keep it all moving. This was my treat and not bad since I got a free bed for two nights. I always like to take the ACCI missionaries out for something special since most of the time their finances are limited. We ordered up several different dishes and then passed these around the table so we could all taste the various items. I was not disappointed and one of the best things about visiting Germany is their hearty (substantial) dishes.

IMG_0897We walked along the Rhine, went back to their village had some coffee out of doors on a beautiful day and then home to visit some more before Irene pulled out another outstanding food experience of a brothy, stewed Sri Lankan chicken on a bed of fried rice. This she learned how to do from a master chef with Sri Lankan Airlines. It was terrific and the only problem with this kind of meal is that when you are as full as one could be, you want to keep eating.

Morning came and Daniel rushed me back to the airport for my flight to Klagenfurt, Austria to meet Pastor Chris Scobie of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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