Hot off the press!

October 29

This is the NEW evangelism. Finally answering the questions the culture is asking.


Professor, Dr. John Lennox speaks to a packed house in Ljubljana, Slovenia

IMG_1159 croppedI am completely out of order here and will fill in with my other blogs within a few days but I had to share something exciting right away. There is no country in Europe as far from God as Slovenia. With centuries of Catholicism followed by atheistic Communism, the country is everywhere filled with skepticism and atheism. The churches are small and are disregarded as irrelevant.

A few courageous people decided to bring Oxford professor, Dr. John Lennox to Ljubljana University and put him into the middle of the lions den. Of course, John has been in this predicament many times before when debating such people as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins and Peter Singer.

This afternoon at Ljubljana University he answered questions from five professors on the subject of, “Does Modern Science Lead to God?” It was quite adversarial but John held his own and never surrendered an inch of turf.

IMG_1152Tonight he appeared to an audience of at least four hundred in the Cankarjev dom (Cultural Center). The subject was, “Higgs-Bozon – God of the Gaps?” For over an hour and a half he held his audience and made a powerful case for the existence of God. Following this he took questions from the audience and with ten minutes left he gave a concise, reasonable and clear presentation of the gospel.

There is no Christian event that I can think of that could have attracted either this size of audience or gained this kind of reception. He was roundly applauded. Atheists would have been greatly disturbed had they been in the audience as he unraveled many of the arguments against theism one by one.

This was one heck of a good night and I wish you could have been there.

5 comments on “Hot off the press!

  1. Lila Brown says:

    Hi Tony I have listened to Dr. Lennox and he was amazing, you can tell his faith is real because he does not get flustered a bit and the students hear what he is saying.

  2. It’s not by chance that he spoke just in time for you to listen to him. This is great though!

  3. Tom Shetler says:

    Thank you Tony. This was very encouraging. We must engage the culture in these kinds of forums and by these means. I would encourage everyone to get and read Dr. Craig Keener’s two volume work, “Miracles.” It is a game changer in regards to methodological naturalism and the anti-supernaturalism that arose with David Hume, and it will enable all of us to be “armed and dangerous.”


  4. Jay Atwell says:

    Prayers and Love from back home. GOD Bless you Tony !

  5. Ann Hinrichs says:

    What an exciting report Tony. I’m so glad you could be there and witness it, pray and be blessed by breakthroughs like this after much investment and passion given from yourself over the years in Slovenia. What a blessing!

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