An amazing Serbian meal I can’t pronounce

October 25

Chris and Sabina

Chris and Sabina

Rok and Palona

Rok and Palona



Friday and a quiet day. Can you imagine? I started in Oslo on October 4th and in three weeks had no breaks. I taught and preached in Vale, Norway more than twenty-two hours in eight days. I’m not complaining but I do stay busy. Here in Ljubljana the church had a Friday night session arranged but moved it to Monday since so many were busy with other projects. I don’t mind having a day here or there where I can just lean back and not have to engage my mind.


I stay above the church in the library on a mattress on the floor (it’s a good mattress and a good floor) and the only problem with this is that I am finding it harder to stand upright. I have to grab hold of more chair arms to get to my feet. I like being here in the church with others. I never want anyone I serve to see me as somehow privileged in some special way they are not. These friends of mine sacrifice far more than I do for the sake of the gospel. When the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, Steve Fossick is building a 1.7 million dollar, 16,000 square foot house with seven and a half bathrooms, so many of my friends here in Europe live in one room and share bathroom and kitchen for the sake of the kingdom. If only Americans would understand how this looks to those of nations where they cannot even afford a place to meet, it could and should be world changing. I am deeply saddened by this incredible disparity. I advise American believers to read 1st Corinthians.

When I travel, I like to do something that few of my friends have the means to do. I love to treat those who never go out even to a movie, to something special. About six hundred meters from the church there is a Serbian restaurant. Everyone here likes the Serbian grill so I took them down for a lunch of meat (mostly pork), roasted potatoes and salad. Perhaps, down deep I wanted something hefty like this as well. Along with me came Pastor Chris and his wife Sabina, Rok and Palona and Sergeja.

One comment on “An amazing Serbian meal I can’t pronounce

  1. fred williams says:

    Ah I remember it well. Lots of meat.. great people

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