On the way out’ta town

October 30

IMG_1294At about eleven in the morning and while Natasha made cakes for Cristiano’s school party, Piero, Cristiano and I went to his boat moored some four hundred meters from their apartment. Piero doesn’t often drive a car but he is (as most Venetians are) a master at piloting a boat. It is nothing for him to maneuver around every kind of craft and obstacle one can imagine.

IMG_1291We took my overnight case boarded the boat for the train station but having a couple of hours and a beautiful day we toured the lagoons and canals first. Finally. he pulled along side of  the only gandola building workshop, tied up and we took lunch at a famous, historical wine shop, internationally famous for it’s small but clever crostini combinations. Here we waited for Natasha and Livania  to catch up with us.

IMG_1293There we ate and enjoyed the sun. After dropping at least thirty euro we loaded back into the boat for a trip along the Grand Canal to the Ferrovia.

One comment on “On the way out’ta town

  1. fred williamsa says:

    sounds to me like alot more than 3 hours are needed to see Venice. Enjoy Brother. Envy is a sin.
    Stop it, stop it i say, get behind me.

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