Street Ministry…

October 26

… More pictures than words

slovenia (2)In the very center of the city Binkostna had reserved a kiosk for book sales and Bible distribution. They always like for me to partner by drawing right next to them and this gives me an opportunity to draw attention, give away a few drawings and meet many of those passing by. I went armed with invitations to Street Ministry 2the John Lennox presentations. I made about four or five very large drawings of what people would recognize to be Jesus. I have around me some great Slovene to English translators (Matja and Sergeja) so I flushed out quite a few conversations with some very nice people.


Street Ministry 1After about three or four hours of this we broke down everything and while everyone headed back to the church, Sergeja and I took a walk around the city center. Ljubljana is a charming city with many cute coffee and tea shops, some going back several centuries.

One comment on “Street Ministry…

  1. Joanie says:

    What a great way to capture people’s attention by using your drawing talents to share the gospel or connect with them.

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