Two huge meals within an hour

October 28

On Monday, while Chris and I took coffee at our regular table, Boris and Mitka sat next to us. I met Mitka about two years ago in the same coffee shop. She is exceedingly well read and loves to engage in philosophical-political conversation. I have had a number of deep talks regarding the meaning of the gospel to which she has been favorable. I would say that slowly she has turned toward the message of grace. Boris, her husband, I have only come to know but he is a very pleasant guy. They have two university aged children whom I have also become acquainted. While we chatted, Mitka suggested that we come for tea and we agreed on a time of two o’clock on Tuesday. She repeated herself several times by reiterating the words, “High Tea.” Of course, I have done “High Tea” with crumpets and small delicate sandwiches so I expected nothing more.

At the same time Sergeja had offered to make us a lunch of chicken fettuccine with a heavy cream sauce, salad and I went around to the bakery for dessert cakes. It was a wonderful lunch. We stretched then walked the hundred meters to Mitka’s apartment where we were shocked to face a an exceptional and hearty veal stew, Basmati rice, salad and a rich chocolate cake. I spent the night trying to settle my stomach.

Nevertheless, this is a small inconvenience when one considers that being accepted and invited to a neighbor’s home is a rather big breakthrough in relationship building. Chris and Sabina have led this church only blocks away for years but have very little local support. While Mitka has only attended the church one time, she is favorable to what they are doing and will occasionally bring a cake when she hears of a special event. This is sometimes where it starts. I am quite happy for her warmth and kindness.

I’m closing out now as my train has just arrived at Portoguaro and not so far to Venice and my friends, Piero and Natasha Pugiotto where I will spend the night. I met Piero almost eight years ago as an online contact. Later, after thousands of email words, I stopped through Venice and on that visit he committed his life to Christ. He is now married with two children. I will be thrilled to hang with them for a day or so.

One comment on “Two huge meals within an hour

  1. fxmissions says:

    Keep at it Tony…. sometimes the overeating from hospitality unparalleled is not avoidable. I have to say I too have experienced it. In Europe, you’ll likely walk it off…. blessings.

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