Two messages on Sunday

October 27

DSC_0054croppedThough Binkostna is not a large church it has outgrown the seating capacity for one service so they have gone to two. When I first came here this would have seemed only a dream but now it is a reality. A while back I received an email from a lady in England (Ursula) who had discovered my preaching on the internet. Ursula works in Croatia and has connections to Serbia and Bosnia so she felt the Lord nudging her to get hold of me to see how we might find ways of extending the kingdom in partnership. I was surprised to hear that she would be coming to Ljubljana and would be at both services on Sunday morning. We met in the hallway and later had lunch together with about seven others from the church. This was entirely serendipitous.

In the first service I directed my message toward the larger group of those who regularly attend the church.  For this I personalized a message recently preached by my pastor, Mike Bearden entitled, “Real Christianity,” from Acts 2. With translation, the message had to be greatly compressed but all seemed benefited by its challenge and content.

I was told that a number of people who are not yet converted often attend the second service and so for this reason, I preached on the subject, “Why People Don’t Get Saved,” from John 2:23-25. I could sense from the beginning that I was scratching where people itched and when, at the end, I offered an opportunity for response, a number of people indicated repentance and faith by raising their hands. I later spoke most of them and it does seem that something eternal transpired.

Here in Slovenia, with conversion the work just begins. Even though a person might call on Jesus to save them, there is a Gibraltar of brokenness before people come to any sense of liberty or wholeness. Pastoral care and counseling occupies a great portion of the leaderships’ time. Some of the stories are unimaginable.

One comment on “Two messages on Sunday

  1. imra Volders says:

    you look great and so alive ! God is upon you, around you , before you and blessing you! send you love but a bit sad we can not meet this time, my prayers are wit you.
    Huge hug!

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