Andrej and Lydia… and a piece of my mind

October 29… Ljubljana

IMG_1122ACCI is fortunate to have team members in so many parts of the world. Andrej and Lydia serve with us in the northwest corner of Slovenia not far from Italy. There are virtually NO Christians in the region and soon the Zelenjak’s will move from the capital city of Ljubljana to this region where Andrej grew up. His roots in this corner of Slovenia will be no doubt an asset to establishing a beach-head for the gospel. Already, they have about twelve involved in a weekly bible study, most of whom are Catholics. I had hoped to visit with them earlier but they were working to arrange a concert with the same group (A Gift of the Heart) that I heard in Maribor a few days earlier.

IMG_1120The last time I saw Andrej and Lydia they did not yet have little Elija.

I am totally amazed at the courage many of our missionaries have. When we talked about finances which, in their case, amounted to almost nothing, both Andrej and Lydia agreed that their call was to serve the Lord so it was God’s provision they would depend on. They did not want to compromise what they should be doing. Oh, how I wish many in America and Canada could meet these people and see what difference a little support could make. Many of my friends have between three and six hundred euro a month to live on (about $400 to $800 USD a month). The average cost of living for a single person in Slovenia would be about 1,200 euro.

Here’s a piece of my mind…

It is clear to me that many Christians in affluent cultures attempt to justify their decadence but this simply cannot be done. I want to say it one more time and may say it again. We are largely captured by the cultures we live in. I believe God will call this to account the same way he will deal with adultery. It is wrong for any believer to build a 16,000 square foot house of  1.7 million dollars, with seven and half bathrooms (Steve Fossick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC). This is not a house, it is a hotel. If we lived in a country, like Italy where the elected officials take every nickle they can from the citizens and buy with that money elegant (even extravagant) castles and villas by the sea while people suffer under the burden of 55% tax, we would start a revolution. But when this is done by EVANGELICALS we turn a blind eye and call the same excess a blessing of God. Are we insane?

I cannot help but state a fact that is as plain as the nose on one’s face.

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