After a brief night…

November 3


Sunday morning at Gruppo Cristiano is always exciting for me. I love being back with the people I know so well.  Although there are always new attenders, most are old friends and some with more than ten years of acquaintance.  In the IMG_1438morning service I inquired, “How many of you have become Christians since coming to this church?” To this question at least thirty people raised their hands.

Gathered this morning were about two-hundred. In order to accommodate the growing numbers, the church has knocked out some walls and turned the platform in another direction. The capacity can now be larger than three-hundred on Sunday so this presently rivals the size of any evangelical church north of Rome. There may be a few as large but none larger. This isn’t said as a boast but simply to provide perspective.  In our region, it is my guess that most congregations are not more than thirty people.

IMG_1396On the platform were at least ten musicians, drums, guitars, keyboards and so forth. This made for solid worship service as usual. When I was up to preach iI chose for the message a re-arrangement of my pastor’s (Mike Bearden of Pineville Nazarene Church in Charlotte, NC) message, “Real Christianity” from Acts 2. Of course, with translation it is a hard exposition to get through all forty-seven verses and seven points. I abbreviated it and introduced illustrations at liberty (facts tell -stories sell).

IMG_1440Though is a message designed for the church I twisted it slightly in an attempt to net a variety of non-believers I sensed were in the crowd. When I began, I didn’t intend to give an altar call of any kind but when I did people began to come. This meant that Francesco and I counseled and prayed with people for almost an hour after the service had ended. Though I didn’t count, it seemed to us

Amanda became a Christian on my last visit

Amanda became a Christian on my last visit

that seven came to receive Christ and another five or more for various other reasons. It was a grand morning with good work accomplished for the kingdom. I wish I could tell you some of the stories. If I could you would be double thrilled!





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