Either it’s a diet or a move to a 3-Star

November 7

Time for a little humor…

IMG_1569cropIMG_1570cropYears ago when I used to tell my story about not fitting into the shower and having to go get a screw driver in order to get in it, few believed me. Trust me, I was tempted to demonstrate this truth in the nude but as my son, Matt reminded me, such things are NOT meant for the internet.

We were once thinking of remodeling our bathroom. I wanted to show Jeanne a wonderful bathroom from a house where I was staying in Portugal. I jumped out of the shower grabbed my camera and took the snap. I put it on the internet and when Matt saw it, he said, “Dad is that you?” I didn’t know what he meant until I took a closer look. Yikes! I was freaked out. I didn’t consider the full length mirror slightly covered with fog in most of the RIGHT places. Thank you Jesus! You can all thank Jesus too.

One comment on “Either it’s a diet or a move to a 3-Star

  1. E Jones says:

    Trick mirror that’s all.

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