Supper with Alberto, Karla, Anna and Pietro

November 7

IMG_1565cropPeople perhaps wonder why I put so much about food on my blogs. There is a good reason for this. Since I am not a tourist in the classical sense, I rarely take what might be called a holiday in the mountains or by the sea. When I do manage to get a break for a few days, I take lots of pictures of the scenery and post them. Because I am generally booked for teaching or preaching, and stuck in one place for some time with no or little transportation options, my big outing usually turns out to be some special meal prepared for me by friends or from a visit to an outstanding restaurant.

Me, Anna (Kev's mom),Aberto, Karla with Pietro and Alessia Zamboni

Me, Anna (Kev’s mom),Aberto, Karla with Pietro and Alessia Zamboni



Last night, Kevin’s (he lives with us and attends university) family wanted to try to get even with me for bringing him to the states. So, they pulled out all of the stops even to profiteroli (my favorite) for desert. Alberto is an expert ceramic and stone mason but no slouch in the kitchen either. When we arrived (Francesco, Alessia, Francesca and I) he was IMG_1556stirring a big pot of Risotto Lambrusco (so named for the wine base). Italians think nothing of sitting down to supper at nine or later so we talked for a while as Alberto stirred and stirred. Finally, when we sat down, here it came – an avalanche of first class cuisine. The risotto served and demolished, next came Karla’s succulent roast surrounded by roasted potatoes. Just when I could take no more they brought in the surprise package with profiteroli.

It's a dog, silly

Not Pietro…it’s a dog, silly

Kevin’s family are wonderful! Alberto and Karla have a new little boy that I was able to see before his Uncle Kevin. He’s a cute little fellow but I think, from what I am told, he takes after his uncle Kevin because he can sleep for hours.

It is interesting that our lives in America are deeply linked to people across the ocean (Brazilians and Italians in this case) who don’t even speak the same language. This is the evidence of the power of the cross. We are all family and community no matter our cultural backgrounds. Thanks, y’all. It was a great but painful night!

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