An event packed Sunday morning

November 10


IMG_1615This was advertised as a big day and so it turned out to be. In typical fashion the church service began at 10:30 with the stage filled with musicians and powerful, celebrative music. In typical (Latino) fashion the two-hundred or more chairs did not fill until after 11 am. I was tapped to dedicate Alberto Delcanale and Karla Ferreira’s son Pietro to the Lord so in response to this special occasion we had a number of guests who generally do not come to the church.


I chose to preach on the subject, “Why People Don’t Get Saved,” from John 2:23-25 and Hebrews 4:12-13. Though there were moments of humorous relief, the Holy Spirit gripped everyone’s attention and it was clear to me that the message was hitting its mark. Francesco is a marvelous translator and much of the credit goes to him.

At the end I opened the altar and many people began to make their way to the front for prayer. I wasn’t active in praying for people as the pastors took charge of this portion so I have no idea of the needs being expressed. I leave this up to God. Anyway, the truth is, we never know, do we? Response (numbers) is never a perfect indicator of the REAL work being done in people’s hearts.

Afterwords, I went to Luciano and Marilene Cassandra’s for an amazing Columbian meal!!!

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