Moving on from Italy

November 11

The Alps below

The Alps below

I was picked up at the door of my B & B by Karla Ferriera and taken by car the almost two hours to Milan Linate airport where I caught a British Airways flight to London Heathrow. Upon arrival I got rolled at almost every turn (baggage storage, hotel shuttles, taxis, over priced and average food etc.) it was pretty easy to dispose of one-hundred pounds by the next morning.

John Watson and Tano Bellone

John Watson and Tano Bellone

During the morning I had been texting to my London friend John Watson, Pastor of Eltham Community Church wondering if he might want to make the trip to Heathrow for supper. It’s a rather long run but he took the offer, called Tano Bellone and they made their way to Heathrow and a restaurant in one of the nearby Holiday Inn hotels. I got settled, and found a taxi which took me on a ten minute ride to the wrong hotel and left me ten pounds lighter. There are five Holiday Inn’s in close proximity to Heathrow. I hired another car and after ten more pounds ($15.60 USD) reached the guys who were seated in the bar waiting. So then, in transportation alone, I had spent nearly $45.00 USD to reach a hotel that was not more than 15 minutes away but impossible to get to without a car.

  • Note: It appears that one must dispose of any notion of what Britain should be like. Photographs of guards in Beefeater attire should be replaced by a Siek in a turban. If one wants to have what they might think to be a English experience, they will have to stay far clear of the major cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and so forth where almost all of the hospitality industry is serviced by Arabs, Indians, Latvians, Estonians, Polish, Bulgarians, Czechs and so forth. The Britain of the past and one’s imagination is long gone and it turns out to be rare to hear an authentic English accent.

It was rather worth all of this inconvenience just to see these friends once more. Regrettably, Brad Frey and Daniel Bull were unable to make it.

One comment on “Moving on from Italy

  1. John Watsonn says:

    It was a great time Tony, and think about it… what on earth would you have blogged about if you didn’t have all the hassle of meeting us!?

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