Trip 38 / April 22 to June 10

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Norway and back to Italy


The ACCI International Gathering 

IMG_1415cropApproximately thirteen years ago I launched ACCI and took my first mission trip to Italy. At that time I didn’t know any of the language except Buon Giorno and Grazie. I had few contacts and really no useful means to effectively share the gospel. Today, we have twelve full-time workers focused on gospel-resistant Italy and another seven in the European region. My primary call is to Italy yet I frequently visit Slovenia, Norway and accept invitations to other countries. In the process I have visited 14 countries and have seen many people come to Christ, churches and ministries launched, students prepared for mission and ministry,  missionaries / pastors encouraged and inter-church relationships established. Now, under the leadership of John and Amy Haley, Lauren Roth and Ann Hinrichs, ACCI has more than sixty missionary members on all five continents. Visit the ACCI website where you can get acquainted with our workers:

Your financial assistance has made the difference…

Street Ministry 2I have always had a number of  friends who have said, “We’ll be there financially to help you.” Most of these people have been people who Jeanne and I have served over these many years but others just showed up at the right time to give us a hand. This meant that I only occasionally had to worry about enough money for a place to sleep, travel, supplies or meals.


What I need now…


IMG_1046  IMG_1062


I haven’t always told you but when I was financially able I would give what I could spare  to others who are serving with less than adequate means. Many work at meager subsistence jobs so they have time to preach, teach, lead ministries or do outreach. Young professionals have given up lucrative jobs,taken residence in small apartments or above churches in order to make ends meet. Many pastors work at full-time jobs and pay for facilities and supplies out of pocket. Perhaps you have not been able to help on a monthly basis but you could give a one-time gift so that when I see a need I can assist these friends.  You can receive a tax-deductiblereceipt for the contributions you make. At the bottom of this page you will see how you can donate.

The ACCI Gathering...

The last weekend of May ACCI will host near Ferrara, Italy its first ever international get together. This will be an opportunity for many who have never personally met one another to get together for worship, prayer, relaxation, socializing and re-focusing. Please pray for this important event.

My ministry plan…

Slovenia and the Balkans, April 22 – May 10 

After what appears to have been successful prostrate cancer treatment, I will land in Milan, Italy then move immediately by train to Ljubljana, Slovenia. I will preach on Sunday in Ljubljana and then, with Pastor Chris Scobie,  make my way through the Balkans, preaching here and there as I go. As soon as I return to Slovenia I will go northwest to assist Andrej and Lidija in a new church planting project. We will return to Ljubljana for a Leadership Conference from May 7 to 10 w,here I will be one of the speakers. I will be joined by pastors from New Zealand, the UK,  Slovenia, Croatia Bosnia, Serbia and other Balkan nations.

Norway, May 11 – May 26

IMG_0239On Sunday, May 11th I will fly to Norway where I will teach First Corinthians at Smyrna Bible Institute. Sunday, May 18th, I will fly to coastal Volda in west central Norway where I will do evangelism training and reach out to university students.

Italy, May 26 – June 10

Jeanne will join me in Milan and we will travel together to the ACCI Gathering. Following the conference / retreat we will stay with Luke and Dawn Mann, ACCI missionaries in Citta d’Castello, Italy. We go on for several days to Martina Franca in Puglia (the heel of the boot), then will return to Parma for a weekend of ministry and finally fly home to Charlotte.


I’m like a lot of you out there. I say, “I’ll pray for you buddy!” But the truth is, I sometimes forget. I mean to do it but just forget. So then, I wonder, would a number of my readers write back, assuring me that I will be on your short-list? I promise you, I can tell the difference.

Financial assistance

You can help me encourage a good number of weary workers by giving to my fund at (Tony Hedrick, United States/Europe, Recruitment, Strategic Planning, Director). You can give online. It’s real simple. Go to the site,  look in the left column of the main page and there you will find US and Canadian donor links that with one click will take you to the appropriate on-line giving tools.

If you prefer to give through the mail by check I provide the addresses here:

In Canada: ACCI, 89 Auriga, Nepean, ON, K2E 7Z2

In the US:   ACCI, 141 East Main Street, Rock Hill, SC, 29730

Important information for those who donate by check: Remember, make your check out to ACCI but do not put my name anywhere on the check. Use a “Post-It Note” or a separate to designate that it is for my ministry project.




2 comments on “Trip 38 / April 22 to June 10

  1. Ann Hinrichs says:

    I am so grateful to God for your vision and obedient heart Tony. You are a true example to us all of a Christ-like way of serving and living. It will be fun to actually SEE you this time while we are both serving in that part of the world. See you at the Gathering! Luke and I WILL be praying for you…you are not forgotten! Ann and Luke

  2. Tony Hedrick says:

    Tell Luke that I will be taking no more bus rides with him.

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