Trip 38 / Entry 9 / Bosnia

Tuesday, April 28, 2014

Branko pouring over his new books

Branko pouring over his new books



What passes as a church

What passes as a church

Monday was a preparation day. Chris picked me up at my hotel at 7:30 and we headed off through Croatia for the city of  Banja Luka, (in the Republika Srpska which is the Serbian part of Bosnia) where we would meet Pastor Branko in the Serbian region. This is a trip of about five hours. Bane (Branko) is a humble and sweet believer who has two small congregations some one hour apart. He supports himself through translation work but the going is hard as he explained that in all of Bosnia he suspect among 3.5 million people there are only an estimated four hundred Bible Christians. In his two churches he may have only forty in all. Nevertheless, he maintains that he is not called to count. He is called to remain faithful. It was our joy to give him a couple of theological books in his own language (a rarity).



We enjoyed several hours with him, shared a lunch of grilled meat called, Cevapcici, prayed and then got on our way for the three hour drive to Osijek, Croatia.

3 comments on “Trip 38 / Entry 9 / Bosnia

  1. Ursula says:

    Praising God that you were in Bosnia and in Republika Srpska. May the gospel go out mightily in Bosnia and the Balkans. Not by power nor by might but by His Holy Spirit……Blessings.

    • Ursula says:

      Tony- If someone had told me last year what would be happening today in the Balkans in particular Bosnia and Isis and Italy, I might not have believed them. There is still a window for the gospel but this is such an important time in history. We must all pray fervently.

      • tonyhedrick says:

        Miss hearing from you. Stay in touch. I go back in the spring and passing through London and then to Italy and Slovenia. Right now we are in New York on our way to Canada with Italian guests. Hope you ave sorted things out and back on your feet again after the passing of your mom.

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