Trip 38 / Entry 26 / The Manns’ and Cliffords’

 Citta di Castello

Sunday to Tuesday, June 1 and 2, 2014


We had previously arranged for missionaries who live in Umbria, Luke and Dawn Mann of Citta di Castello to bring a car and then drive us with them to their village for a day before going to Puglia in the “heel of the boot.” We just wanted to hang out with them, do a little sightseeing and get better acquainted with ministry partners, Peter and Marsha Clifford who have a missionary guest house in the village.

IMG_3057Having nearly socialized ourselves to death, we decided to take a late start on Monday when the Mann’s came to get us and take us for a visit to several medieval and walled, mountain villages over the border in Tuscany. It was a beautiful drive and the cool breeze made the direct, bright sun tolerable. We visited the first and then went back to Citta to lunch with the Cliffords. Of course, lunch here takes far more time than it does in any other part of the world so it was three hours later that we drove out to another village called…Cesena.

IMG_3058The night was topped off at their apartment before being picked on Tuesday morning at Hotel Umbria for our eight hour train ride to Foglino to Ancona, from Ancona to Bari and finally from Bari to Fasano and then by car to Martina Franca.

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