Trip 38 / Entry 27 / While on the Train

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Useful Information… Buyer be warned.

Quietly seated in our “Reserved” seats and on our way from Ancona to Bari the conductor came by to look at our tickets and discovered that the date was wrong. This was not my fault, of course, as the ticket master in Foglino put in the wrong date. But, in true, Italian style, it is never Trenitalia’s fault. It could not be possible! It is always the customer who is made responsible for not checking the date. They are the professionals but it is our business to check the ticket to be sure we are traveling on the right day. Would you like to know how much this little fiasco cost me? How about two times 81.50 Euro (163 euro) or nearly two hundred American dollars? The fine in each case was fifty euro. On top of this, we must purchase new tickets. Though it was all their fault, it doesn’t matter.  We must pay because is the way it works in Italia. They like to remind you that you are not in America. You are in Italy. Needless to say, I was not happy in the least.

At some point Italians will have to cease excusing their incompetence and join the real world. If I sold you a table and it had a broken leg, whose fault would it be? When it comes to business, Italy remains in the dark ages and has no collective sense of “The Customer is King.”

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