Trip 38 / Entry 31 / By the Sea

Thursday, June 5, 2014

IMG_3160 crop

The “BIG” umbrella.

Oreste, put up his “BIG” umbrella and we tried to squeeze underneath it. Unfortunately, the umbrella is only “BIG” because there are not two BIGGER people under it. Have you seen Oreste? He is my double so it is a good thing the girls are small things. Somehow they made the sacrifice to lay exposed to the sun and with lots of lotion, neither Jeanne or I burned at all.

I have pictures of us but no one will allow me to post them!

IMG_3164 crop

Okay, maybe I can get by with this one?

While splashing knee deep in the Ionian Sea, a young fellow, Antonio, struck up a conversation in English and since he was pretty agile at putting sentences together, we quickly came to the gospel. Though he was a Catholic, I was able to explain the difference to which he quickly warmed to what I had to say. We exchanged email addresses and traded more conversation as the time went by. To some people these encounters may not sound like much but the truth is this, many Christians here would not have more than three significant conversations that give a clear explanation of the gospel in a year while I might have three or four a week. I have no idea how I do it. I couldn’t explain it to you if I tried. It truly is a gift and I can’t boast about a thing.

I never think of intercession. It is such an awkward thing for me to sit for an hour in meditative prayer. I have no acumen for it. Jeanne is a prayer and it comes as easy to her as it does for a bird to take flight but I am only able to pray in this way if I am forced to it. I can do it but it is a complete effort. However, this is not true for evangelism. I am in my element.

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