Trip 39 / Entry 1 / Milan


Hoiland Venice 2She said, “I’m sorry you cannot fly on this passport until it is updated?” Puzzled, I replied, “What, what?” I didn’t think I heard her right. “But it is a valid passport. It’s good until January 20th.” “Yes,” she returned, “But it must be valid for three months after you return.”

“Who in the universe would know that rule,” I asked. Jeanette was sympathetic and said, “God, bless America.” Then I wanted to know if I could change my ticket to a valid return date (October 20) to which she said, “You bought this through Expedia, you’ll have to make the change through them and it will cost you an arm and a leg.” This, of course, would mean going back home and missing my flight. Suddenly I thought, “I have a valid Canadian passport, could I use it?” She said, “I don’t know why not.” You can’t fly out on your US passport but you can return on it.”


Maybe you should all pray about this or I may be celebrating Natale in Italy this year.

One comment on “Trip 39 / Entry 1 / Milan

  1. mariela says:

    will be great to have you with us per Natale !!

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