Trip 39 / Entry 3 / Milan

September 19, 2014

Pray for Cristiano

I will draw a portrait from this and take it to him on October 24th

I will draw a portrait from this and take it to him on October 24th

“Jesus looked upon him and loved him.” Have you ever had this experience? You meet someone and something in you connects. I advise that no one dismiss an impulse of this nature. Sometimes it could be a little kid bouncing a ball on the street.

For about five years I have been stopping at Cin Cin Bar along Buenos Aires in Milano. I will sometimes have a coffee and draw the people sitting there. This has won the approval of the servers and Cristiano, the Maitre D who showed up about two years ago. I tell Cristiano that he is a “hooker’ since it is his job to pull people walking by into a chair and get them seated under an umbrella.

Cristiano and I have become good friends. An Italian born in San Paulo, Brazil, he speaks five languages, has lived in Brazil, Japan, Australia, the U.S. and now Italy. He always admired my drawing and we now talk a lot about “religion and philosophy.” Like so many others, he has a collection of New Age ideas regarding good energy and argues that we are gods but we just don’t know it. I told him him that a god that didn’t know he was a god wasn’t much of a god. It is a lot of “hear-say” Deepok Chopra, Donald Walsh gobbledygook but I haven’t told him yet and he doesn’t know it.

As we discussed his views, he finally said, “What do you think?” In less than three minutes I told him I wasn’t God and I was mostly sure that I was pretty much an idiot. Since he admires me, he found that amusing and laughed. In a nutshell I gave him the gospel from the creation through the fall, sin and separation and the need for Jesus which left him speechless. He only could say, “We agree on many things.” We shall see if this turns out to be true.

Cristiano is amazingly compassionate and I can learn a lot from watching him. As people go by, I’m sure a hundred a day stop and hug him. Yes, some of these are attractive women to be sure but some are elderly,  in wheelchairs, one fellow pushing his dog in a child’s pram, another was a Indian flower peddler and it goes on and on. All of his serve staff, a Croatian fellow that speaks impeccable English to a Ukrainian lady (she looks 25 but turned out to be thirty-nine) that moves like a butterfly from one table to another. They all seem to adore him. He is a good man.

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