Trip 39 / Entry 5 / Milan

September 20, 2014

While on my way to Bucharest

I am waiting at Malpensa Airport, Milan for a Swiss Air flight that will take me to Zurich and then on to Bucharest, Romania where I will be picked up by former student, friend and YWAMer and toted off to Costanta where I will preach, teach and do evangelism for a week. Next Saturday I will fly back to Milan and then stay in Parma for a week where I will preach and teach. It’s a busy three weeks with my next trip that takes me to Norway for nine days. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as I go.

Just a little more than annoyed!

I really hate it when people mosey about acting stupid with the intention of cutting into line, don’t you?

I decided to go to McDonald’s for a “Sausage McMuffin” before flying all day. I wanted something “cheap” (it is not cheap in Italy and in an airport) and hearty. There was only one girl at the counter and one one in the kitchen area so it felt under staffed and was taking time to get orders processed. With two fellows in front of me, I took my place. Soon I was joined by a short blonde lady who took her place behind me.

In a moment a Muslim fellow came into the area with his three wives covered from head to toe. They took a booth while he stumbled non-nonchalantly to the counter. He went right to the front acting confused and stupid as though Iraq or Iran have no such thing as a cue. Seeing him, the attendant was not fooled and motioned him to the line behind all of us which was, by now, one less in front of me. Get this! As he comes to the line he steps right in front of the blond lady standing behind me. Culturally, I immediately understood what had just taken place. He felt his place was in front of a woman. Now, for him, this is just the way it is in the world of Islam.

I don’t like injustice and have always been for the little guy. I turned and said to the lady, “Come stand in front or with me.” She was grateful but shocked and said it was alright and didn’t matter. Her name turned out to be Rosie, on holiday from Toronto, Canada. When I told her that I was from Ottawa she wanted to know what I was doing here. This gave me a good opportunity to explain ACCI and the ministry that I did. She asked if it was Christian and then took my card. In this short time Rosie got a lesson in comparative religion as I explained the nature of authentic Christianity.

Before she left to board her flight, Rosie left her table and husband to once again thank me for defending her rights. Little things matter. Little things open BIG doors.

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